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The Global Wellness Economy is Expected To Reach $7.0 Trillion In Valuation By 2025, and now is a prime time to explore untapped segments of the industry to build your own empire. Light therapy is rapidly gaining popularity as a wellness solution, as it is supported by thousands of positive medical findings regarding the effectiveness of Infrared Light Therapy and Red Light Therapy within mainstream healthcare. beem® Light Sauna allows franchise owners to build a strong business around these growing trends to benefit both your bottom line and the lives in your community.

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$512,909 - $738,991



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The beem® Advantage

beem® Light Sauna is an innovative infrared light therapy studio providing members with a multi-faceted approach to health. Unlike any other sauna studio in the country, beem® features state of the art light therapy solutions, like infrared saunas, chromotherapy, and red light therapy to help you live radiantly.

Franchise Owners with beem™ benefit from:

  • Industry-Leading Sales and Operational Training and Support to equip you to recruit, train, and develop your staff efficiently
  • Complete Marketing Solutions and Resources to grow your business and attract new members
  • Multiple Revenue Streams to maximize earning potential

…and much more! Explore our Franchise Opportunity Guide above to see the full scope of franchisee support that beem® provides.

Build Your beem® Community

beem® Light Sauna studios have transformed countless lives through the healing power of light therapy. When you develop a beem® studio, you are not only bettering the lives in your community, but also magnifying your professional impact in a booming industry. With years of health and wellness franchising experience under their belts, the beem® team is here to support you every step of the way with comprehensive marketing, sales, and operational tools built to grow and amplify your business.